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Practice - Blue
Skills practice with the iOS mobile Adobe Photoshop series. Because the school year is over, and I'm beat (also waiting for removals list announcements, but that's for a later date.)

Art © Dalisay-17 (Jamie Dasmariñas), 2016
Beach Feels ver. Yachi (WIP)
Basically me procrastinating about finals and compre via going back every now and then to drawing Yachi-bebs. :P (Adobe Draw + Adobe Photoshop Mix on iOS 9.3)

Yachi Hitoka, HAIKYUU!! © Furudate Haruichi
Art © Dalisay-17 (Jamie Dasmariñas), 2016
I'm back on dA, finally downloaded the app and am tinkering around but fINALS.

#Last Minute Panic #Though that's for next week #Durhur #hALP

Filename by Dalisay-17
Beach Feels - Kageyama ver.
Because the semester ain't done yet and I JUST WANNA BE ON THE BEACH (~🎵Sunburn🎵).

(Also regretting the zoom because lack of opportunity to draw abs ★彡)

Kageyama Tobio, HAIKYUU!! © Furudate Haruichi
Art © Dalisay-17 (Jamie Dasmariñas), 2016
Things Never Change
I always had this image that Ranka Lee would forever be baby-faced, even if she entered college or something.

Meanwhile, guess who's aiming to revive their dA this coming break?

Art © Dalisay-17 // Jamie Dasmariñas, 2015-2016

Journal History

Hi folks! It's been forever since I've updated this thing, besides all of the artworks I've posted pell-mell, here and there. I'm not constant with my posting, so yeah. The last two years of high school managed to discourage me from posting anything, considering I don't have a scanner, and at that point in time I pretty much gave up on my tablet, and it takes too much work to do it with a camera, then to edit it to look presentable online. It's my Semestral Break now - first one of my college life . . .

So what happened to me those past two years? I've still been drawing a bit, here and there - I've got too many WiPs to work on, and most of them aren't even finished in the pencil stage. All of the requests people asked of me are still, well, up in the air, and I feel pretty bad for not having the heart to finish them. In fact, :iconsaphrinta-talia: requested something from way back - we're talking 7th grade here - and I'm now a college Freshie. Still haven't finished it. This will probably be my third attempt at making her OC request, Vera (lol). I've half-inked it, since I'm trying to get the perspective and anatomy right, especially his arms, I still haven't managed to finish it for good. @_@

So yeah, third year had me busy with my creative writing class. I'm not really confident with posting my prose work here (unless it's free-writing), besides the two prose works already in my gallery. I'd probably edit it a good 3, 4 times first before that. Maybe poetry? But later on. Because besides that, there was research. :iconjyonrai: happened to be my groupmate for 4th year, and I tell you, growing Camote (sweet potatoes) is probably one of the funnest things I've ever done in my life. The extracting/measuring of light reflectance part? Not really. (Our project was basically subjecting the plants to different "environment alterations" to see how the light reflectance in their leaves would change. I know, I know - nerdy, Bio-Physics stuff. Too bad I'm much more of a Bio kid.)

As for the other things regarding fourth year, it got so hectic that I had to go on an indefinite hiatus from RP-ing. Didn't mean that I quit writing and drawing as a whole. Emaji and Sen are still two of the most memorable characters I've ever created, so maybe they'll be stuck in another universe sometime soon. (Still got a ton of drawings of them to finish, so yeah). In a nutshell, 4th year was about passing all of my subjects, and laughing all the failures off in the end. I mean, who manages to get a zero in a long test - the only long test - in a subject for the last quarter of the year and still manage to have your grade go up one step? I mean, sure, I didn't pass said subject, but dang. I did not expect it to go up. I passed all my college entrance tests, and managed to get into my university of choice. And I graduated with the feeling that "Oh gad, yes - it's finally over!"


Then again, I guess that's how college starts. There's the euphoria of ending high school, and then you get dragged into this whole new place with different people, and you get to meet old and new friends alike. My course is alright - no, it's more than alright. Besides the fact that there are 40 of us, and we're all pretty much close-knit, our seniors are all so cool. They're really nice, and supportive, to the point that the competitive factor in inter-batch contests is still all friendly and positive. Managed to get into my college's choir group, too. I think the fates made it so that my school singing career starts now instead of grade school and high school - because dang, besides the voice lessons, the camaraderie is just so warm and awesome. There are only a few of us trainees, and I'm glad that we've all become close, even if the others are already in their third year.

Enough of that, though - back to my block/batchmates. I think it's pretty cute that we like to party, and dress up, and do things as a class. Play, most especially. Be it at the arcade, or a game of sardines (reverse hide and seek. Whoever is "it" has to hide, and everyone has to find him or her. When they do, they have to hide with that person. Last person to find the clump of people is "it" next round) at the white colleges, there's always this huge group of us. There are times when everyone's just in their own little cliques, but that's understandable. It's when everyone's united as a whole that gets me pumped up. When it happens, BAM. It's just so cool.

I'm dorming now, too. My roommates are both really nice, even if they're a good two years or so older than me. And since I'm dorming, I pretty much have a hold of my time. If I'm free, I can hang out at the mall nearby. My friends and I have trips to the arcade, and sometimes, it's just karaoke sessions galore. If not, there's ice cream / tea dates (there are probably 5 or 6 tea/milk tea shops in the mall close by, so yeah).

Sembreak just makes me realize how much I miss my batchmates, and the rest of my college friends. . .

Oh yeah - besides the college choir, I got into :iconupm-omake:. I've never been in a Japan enthusiasts' org before - always wanted to join one, but there was no opportunity before. I've always been warned about weaboos, but there's none of them there - none at all. There's talks about profs, about politics, and about games and anime and manga - but dang. They're all so insightful and analytic about things. The division I'm in  - publicity - has got a lot of projects lined up for this year. They need a storyline for one, and I've barely started  (ugh). Taichou might hunt me down for that . . . (AND there's the template for a poster series we're going to be doing, oh boy. Hmm.)

This sembreak, I managed to rediscover my tablet, too. I've always had trouble with hand control. It's so different from when you're drawing on paper. I probably need to clear out my harddrive of all the unnecessary things, but I don't have an EHD yet. Probably next week? I don't know. OMAKE's pushing me to see what I can do as a digi-artist, which I am not really good at. So here I am: figuring out Gimp and trying to master Corel with a tablet. I just hope I can get somewhere.

Oh right! I just recently came from Komikon 2012. Managed to drag my Dad along, and I'm happy that he managed to enjoy himself as well. The stash we got was bigger than the one I got last 2010, and to see Komikon grow even bigger after 2 years - woah. I mean, that fast? That's just amazing. It's kind of sad, though, because my paper for Komunikasyon was about the comics industry in the Philippines today. This could have been an essential part of the research, but oh well -_-. That aside, I'm proud of :iconfreakypencils:. It's been a long while since I've seen her, and it was a really pleasant surprise to know that she has published work now, debuting at the Komikon!

Next up in my sembreak is the "Undas" season. We're going to the province and meeting up with my mother's side of the family for All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. Can't wait to see my cousins - I think they'll have more fun with the comics stash I'mma be bringing XD.

'Till next time then, I suppose~! Hopefully, I can present finished tablet work by then :).


[LoL - longest entry ever :)) ]
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